Tuesday, 25 January 2011

That´s what the students write for their definitions:
It is a thing invented. an object which has new features and it is good for people. ALG
A thing that has been made or designed by a person. GSG
An invention is a thing that somebody has created and solves problems of our lives. PCP
An invention is something that somebody hs created. RME
It's a thing that was not used before and it's new. SRL
An object or process that was a new idea and it helps people. MCC
It is a thing or object invented by people that has new features and process. Some inventions also represent an innovation for people. HDVC
It is a thing or an object that someone makes and it was never made before.BPG
It is a big good idea made by a person. CFA
Object created or made by a person. DPS
A thing made by somebody that has got a new use. CRB
Thing that has got a new use invented by people. CMM

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Sunday, 23 January 2011


The first thing my students will do is writing a definition for the word INVENTION. We will write some of the definitions here just to start their way in the blog.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Hello everybody, here I am again on the net ready to start a new blog. This time is for 3rd E.S.O. As the students have to read a book entitled Grandad's gadgets, I've decided to ask my students to think, find and write about inventions and inventors in general. They can go backwards as far as the Stone Age and period by period they will come to our century. They may talk about very well known inventions like the wheel or be patient and find something rare and spectacular or vey specific. I don't mind as long as they search for information and write carefully paying attention to grammar. The idea is not to be afraid of writing even if they make mistakes, as they have to assume they will.