Saturday, 18 June 2011

An invention after20th century

Disc Compact(CD)

The compact disc was created by the nethertlander Kees Immink,the Philips,and the japanase Todhitada Doi,the Sony,in 1979.The last year,Sony and Philips,was sold very compact disc,but don´t sold for the economic depresion.Started the new sale the recordings audio and wun a lot of money.
In 1981 the conductor Herbert von Karajan,was sold in the festival of Salzburg and began a big sucess.
In the year 1984,the CDs saved to 700MB.

Now the diameter in CDs is the 12 centimetres.

An invention before 20th century

Morse telegraph:

An electrical telegraph was patient in the United States in 1837 by Samuel Morse.America´s first telegram was sent by Morse on 6 January 1838 across 3 kilometres of wire.The message read:"A patient is no loser".The message was all capital letters because the original alpabeth don´t had on questions marks and lower case.

The Morse/Vail telegraph was moved quickly in the following two decades.The overland telegraph connected the west coast with the east coast on 24 October 1861.