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The origin of beer was just at the same time that the birth of agriculture, or the invention of bread. It was discovered a type of beer from China dated around the 7000 b.C that was the result of a mix of rice, fruits and honey.

There was another type of beer on the Mesopotamia and Egypt as of 3500 b.C, it is said the beer was elaborated by women or priestess and it was used as medicine or as sacrifice to gods in that country.

The importance of beer in the culture of Pharaonic Egypt is reflected in the large number of statuettes alluding to the process of making this kind of drink.

Beer consumption in Europe dates from the Bronze Age. The beer must have been one of the most common beverages until the wine began to move as liquor associated with the elite and the sacredness.

During the Middle Ages European population consumed an enormous amount of beer, estimated at about 300 liters per person per year since it took all meals in preference to water or as a substitute for other foods.

The manufacturing was refined by Catholic monks. In 1516 Germany regulates the purity and since then, countless of jars, special glasses and even specific celebrations as Oktobefest of Munic, who has served two centuries, have made the beer the most popular drink almost everywhere in the world.

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